Wicked Little Thing

Sapphires' Series, Book 2

Meet Jessica Munroe. She’s an innocent, with no ties to any of Memphis’ underbelly until the night she meets Tyler. Not only does he tilt her perspective on things but he has the potential to turn her whole world upside down. She hates to admit it, and despite trying to distance herself, Tyler may just be the cure she’s been searching for.

Meet Tyler Michaels. Not only is Ty new in town but he's also the newest member of the South Street Sapphires'. He’s lighthearted and honest, a soft shell amongst all the hard ones. Only those closest to him know about his past, one that he’s still desperately hiding from. It wasn’t a convenient time to meet Jess, or fall in love with her. But when it comes down to it, will he care?

Tyler didn’t want any part of the life he left behind. He ran from it. Meeting the Sapphires’ was just by coincidence but what a perfect place to lay low? To just blend into the crowd, that was all he wanted. Until a beautiful blonde asked for his star sign, flipped her hair and walked away.

Wicked Little Thing is a MC romance set in Memphis, Tennessee.

  • Series: Sapphires' Series, Book 2
  • Release Date: February 14th, 2020
  • YOU'LL LOVE THIS IF YOU LOVE: Motorcycle clubs, quirky characters, family drama, hot bikers, sweet heroes,