About Chelsea

Chelsea McDonald is a 22 year old, who was born and raised in Australia. Having travelled all over the world, she currently resides in England with her partner, two step-children, grandchild and pup.

She enjoys writing, reading, travelling, music and spending time with her loved ones. Chelsea currently works full-time as a romance author and part-time as a swag maker. In-between she can be found cuddling with her rescue Akita or working out at the local gym.

Having been writing for years for friends and family on a reading community called Wattpad, it was only 2017 when she set out to actually finish a book. In 2018, Chelsea's debut novel Lunar Accord was released. With many story ideas floating around inside her head look forward to all that she's going to unleash on the book world.

Current/Upcoming WIPs

~ Be Mine, King

~ Excess Baggage (anthology piece)

~ OOH (title not announced yet)

~ Wicked Little Thing

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